Need some inspiration?

Here are a few fundraising ideas to get you started. Create it. Sell it. Donate the proceeds to a cause you care about.



Record a single, EP or even a whole album.

It's never been easier to record and sell music. Produce it all from your home or partner with a studio. You can distribute the music with CDs or use a platform to sell digital copies of your music. Music is a great way to fundraise for solo artists, bands, groups and choirs of all genres.


Arts and crafts

paint a landscape or make a range of greetings cards .

Paint. Design.  Make. Sew. Carve. Build. There are hundreds of ways you can fundraise by selling arts and crafts. You can auction one-off pieces or sell multiple copies and or prints. Run the project online or host an event - whatever works best for you.



shoot an original collection or release unseen work.

For professionals and enthusiasts alike, a fundraising project is a great way to explore new ideas and places with your camera. Shoot a new collection, or make use of some of your favourite work hidden collecting dust on your hard drive. Sell digital versions, produce physical prints or even make a calendar.


What will you #createdonate?



write a short story or a collection of poems.

Short stories. Children's books. Poetry. There are countless ways you can fundraise with your writing. You could partner with an illustrator to bring your work to life. Share your project online, or print your work and produce a book.



make something special or share some family favourites.

For many people, creativity is best unleashed in the kitchen. Whatever your specialities, getting creative with food is a fantastic way to support your chosen charity. Show off your culinary genius with beautiful photography and host the recipes on a blog or make printed copies.



produce a short film or shoot a music video.

Whether it's a short film, documentary or music video, film projects are one of the most exciting ways you can fundraise with your creativity. Direct, edit and produce yourself or work with a team. Release the film online or produce physical copies.


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